Tuesday, April 03, 2012

On Late Night Musings and Candy

Last night I lay in the dark for hours, thinking.
Cats came and went. Bilbo sucked on my blanket and left a wet spot, the weirdo.
It's a long way from finally knowing what I want to do, to figuring out how to make it happen. I had some cinnamon red hots. I've come to believe they are the cure to many ailments. I worried for a moment about my teeth. Eating candy in bed isn't a good idea for someone without dental insurance. The real danger lies mostly in its highly habit-forming nature.
But that's not important. The important thing here is to say that there's a difference between lying in bed and worrying and lying in bed and thinking.
The difference is that the latter can lead to waking up with ideas and answers. Eventually we fall asleep, but our brains carry on the work for us. This time, I got a pretty solid payoff in answers. Thank you, brain.
Now is for stretching, coffee and opening the studio doors to let air and light in. I haven't worked in this space for a hefty span of time. Today, it seems to have been waiting for me.
So, on late night cinnamon-flavored brain-storming: Occasionally, it's completely justified. Once in a while, the payoff is considerable.
But it's not the sort of thing that should become habitual.


TerraMystic said...

My sleep was interrupted by weird dreams last night...I think because I've been reading a lot about metaphysical and occult sciences. But where you woke up with solutions-I woke up exhausted and with an earache. Ah well-I guess I learned not to read about said subjects before bed! :D I'm glad your night turned out productive. Ta~

lisa said...

TerraMystic: I hear you. I have those nights too. Try cinnamon red hots! Hang in there.

DavidK said...

cinnamon red-hots are nice that way. I've become enamored of dark chocolate cayenne pepper balls - little spheres of dark chocolate with cayenne powder mixed in.

It's always hard to keep 'worrying' and 'thinking' from intermingling, especially when 'worrying' can spark a train of thought that leads to a lot of 'thinking'.