Saturday, February 04, 2012

Through the Dark Night

Sometimes you think you're alone.

Sometimes you are alone.

It's not a terrible thing, then, to discover that you can rely on yourself.


Drinne said...

This one hits home - in the deep space where Algernon's Poppet and Storm live.

You can't hide from light.

Sue said...

It is something I re-learn again and again. Thanks for reminding me.

mordicai said...

Oh this guy, 1000 times this guy.

TerraMystic said...

I have discovered that I don't mind being alone-because I'm not lonely.

Bevula said...

I came to say hello, and that I love you. I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

Relying on yourself is a lesson I've also had to re-learn a time or two. I had a friend totally bail on me, someone who was always dependable - and I was so angry! But a few days later, I realized that I'd once again taken care of things that I'd often done myself previously. It was good to remember how capable I am. And you are, too.


Elysha said...

I love this. I pinned it. :)