Thursday, February 02, 2012


January went by in a blur, mostly caused by cold meds and the general misery of bronchitis. I wrote this on facebook:

Lisa Snellings What I've had is a tanked economy that squeezed my business into a one-woman juggling act, single parenthood and all that goes with and a psychotic ex boyfriend that's stalked and harassed and even broke into my house. Not too many warm fuzzies, no safety net. But I know this--I laugh with my kid every day and eventually, I'll work it all out in the work. Two Constants for me - love and making stuff. Everything else can just suck it.
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Thought I was coming around and it knocked me back a good one. Silly virus! But now I'm digging out, catching up. Orders are getting mailed out, the studio got swept, trash taken out, bills paid and ducks jostled into rows. Some of them, anyway.

We all have time to be sick, don't we? Tose 'smell the roses' kinds of things we've been meaning to do get put aside because we're too busy. Or even taking a break with a good book or getting some fresh air and exercise. It takes a virus and a good ass-kicking to get me to spend a day on the sofa watching classic science fiction movies and reading. Two days. Likely, if I'd slowed down sooner I would've resisted the bug better. Silly human.

But now I'm coming around, catching up and this weekend, hope to be back to writing.

Last week was a good reminder not to invest so much in the future that I don't enjoy my day. The future is uncertain, but certainly would be better with some good memories from today.

Enjoy your day.

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