Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 357

This photo was taken in yesterday's late afternoon sun. Two of Torti's kittens. We're still 2 weeks away from time for trap/fix/release.

This one was taken in this morning's early light. I closed the curtains after. I don't know how Orion and Ethan would react, but certainly it would've put a damper on their breakfast appetites. It didn't do mine much good.

It's been a long time since I worked in the morgue.

Still, I'm glad for the experience and Harlequin Valentine came out of it. There's a real mix of grim and sweet. Hmm. My birthday is almost here. I think I shall call the Neil and ask for a spoken word version. I'll bet it's really, really good.

Of course I'll have to clean this up in a bit.

Reality often bites the head right off of cuteness. I'm good with that. We can't have one without the other. We'd rot our teeth out.

But now it's time to wrap up poppets so they can be on their ways tomorrow. Holiday time means artists with shops like mine are working on their days off (whatever that is.)

I've made prints available on Etsy of several of the sketchbook drawings from the year. You can find them here. I'll be making greeting cards and framed versions available too. It's taken a while and I'm happy to finally be able to bring some of this work to light. So much is still tucked away in the studio, waiting patiently.

So I'm putting on my shoes (the floor back there is sooo cold) and will enjoy some music. Don't think the zone is available today with two boys in the house, but then, the zone has levels.

Hope your day is a good mix of real and fantasy, grim and cute, dark and light.


Unknown said...

Can someone go into a coma via overdose of cute? 'Cos I think I might be there.

mordicai said...

Hey, happy birthday!