Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 252

A few photos as I finish "Blue."
Casting and painting were slowed by the extreme heat and humidity this week. In time, everything set and dried.

Primer coat + 2 black layers + 1 white dry brush coat.
Then I block out main areas of color.

Define the mask area with a thin black line--paint thinned with water.

I paint the heart tattoo with thinned blue, then blot with my hand to let the skin tone show through., just a little.

A very dry brush of bright white over the light grey 'make up.'

This black line will be softened later. I add highlights and texture to the blue by dry brushing with the blue mixed with white.

Just beginning to define the eyes with black.

Adding blues, a layer at a time, from darkest to lightest.

The two, nearly identical, but not so with a closer look.

They do make a pair, don't they?

This weekend was hot and humid with clouds, thunder and a bit of lightning. Plenty of news of Irene on. Glad the storm wasn't worse, empathy for those affected. Have called a number of friends to check in. Have more to call tomorrow.

I'm still affected by the inertia we talked about last post. Slogging through, not sad, but not energetic. There were a lot of frank and insightful comments. I'm going to spend the next few days catching up orders for Poppet Planet and thinking more about 'the accuser.' Seems many of us know this character. I don't think we're done yet.

Hope your Monday is good. Be safe.


Shonna said...

So good to see the return of Blue, it was one of the first items that caught my attention from that old website so long ago... and I still want one - one day, when the money situation fixes itself, or maybe this year the cats will go crazy with my credit card at Christmas....
Love and hugs, pleased that people are getting through Irene.

Eliana said...


DavidK said...

I love the in-process photo series that you do. It's always a pleasure to see everything come together.

I sent you a couple of emails recently - let me know if you didn't get them...