Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 244

Sometimes change slips in through the side door and politely takes a seat at the edge of things.

I've felt lighter these days. Less worried. More hopeful. Why? It's still hot as fuck outside. My situation isn't different. The world looks the same---at least on my screen it does. It occurs to me that I'm different. I didn't realize how much until I started thinking about it. I'm thinking that if this is true for me, it must be true for you too. It seems to me that the best plan is to forget whatever sense of security I used to have. It was always just that, a sense.

It seems that many of use would do well to forget how things were. We have to stop measuring ourselves against what we had, were or did then. We don't live then, we live now.

We're calling these hard times. Sure enough, I've had to reach far past my comfort zone on several levels. There's not much good news. This may mean we need to adapt our expectations, our priorities. It's evolution, baby.

It's okay to celebrate getting through another week. In fact, it's better than okay, it's called for. Sometimes all we can do is get by. We're in a transition. I know I'm different than I was. Sure enough, change is hard. I'd like less work and more play. Less worry and more creating. I'm going to have to find a way to make that happen in this reality. Because the one I had five years ago isn't coming back.

Nor would I want it to. It's not human nature to go back. It's human nature to evolve, whether we're aware of it or not. We have to. We don't know what's coming next. Mostly we have to trust ourselves to handle it. And to, for the love of Mike, have some fun along the way.

Your silly human needs sleep, for sure. g'night


Shonna said...

I'm a big fan of concentrating on achieving forward momentum :) Yes life changes but we can only ever really measure ourselves against the here and now. Looking back is for learning, not measuring. Change can be scary, change can be good, change can be constant or spasmodic, change is the catalyst for forward momentum.

lisa said...

shonna: 'Looking back is for learning, not measuring.' Well-spoken as usual, m'dear. I should've let you write this one. I struggled with the words last night, trying to describe a simple idea caught in a web of details.

Mélanie said...

You've described it perfectly well. I've been going through similar reflections these past few months. It's a strange feeling when you think about something from the past and you realize how much things have changed, and how you have changed yourself. But it can be comforting in a way. If old things can end, new things can begin.

Jen said...

"We have to stop measuring ourselves against what we had, were or did then. We don't live then, we live now. "

Yes. thank you for the reminder, which is good for me to keep in mind. Easy to let myself get bogged down, otherwise. :)

Shonna said...

Lisa, I think you managed to encapsulate some really important concepts with your post - I was just responding to things you said which kicked off a train of thought :) And the forward momentum comes from Lois McMasters Bujold - Miles rules :)
Simple communication of complex ideas is always tricky - and I love the way you can constantly communicate the complex, through your writing and your art.

Dunabit said...

The new normal. Yes. So much of this post resonates with what I'm experiencing.

With a deep breath, I move forward, even if I think I can't.