Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 225

I'm on the ferry. It's a broad ferry and it's nearly full of passengers, including Aubrey. I see her in the distance. The driver wants exact change. There are slots in a metal bank, dark green and shining. I'm putting in quarter after quarter, every nickel or dime I can find. I reach the rough bottom of my bag. I can feel the coins, cold and scrambling away from my probing fingers. Aubrey waves and smiles. She's in a fluffy scarf and hat. I can see her breath. Hurry up, she signals. I find more coins in my pocket. These are fat with wax or glue. They won't go in the slots. The glue won't come off. I glance at the driver, who is now more porcine than human. She shakes her head. I can see her breath. There's ice on the fine hairs of her snout. It's melting. Tiny droplets fall into darkness. Her eyes are pink. I open mine.
It's not the first stress dream I've had this week. I don't mind too much. These are the dreams that work things out for me, clean my brain while I sleep. Still, I'm happy to step out of this one.
Outside the sky is grey and the light has edges. Not at all normal for 8 A. M. in July in Palm Springs. We have weather. It will be a good day. We like weather.
Orion and I have breakfast with Ben at Elmers. It's loud, nearly full of people, the noise is energetic and happy. The warm scents of coffee and pancakes evoke friendly sorts of ghosts.
Outside, the rain begins.
Goodbye to Ben. Orion and I swim in the rain. We dive under to sit at the bottom and watch the rain from underneath. It's another world sometimes, here in our back yard.
I study the pair of old yellow Adirondack chairs. They want to be red. It will take some work. It would be much easier to replace them. Once I wrote a character who found uses for nearly everything she came into contact with. Made wonders from castaways. Consumed little. Wasted nothing.
Good for the soul, not so much for society. Here, as in most things, I decide the solution lies in the creamy center.
When the weather cools, and eventually it will, then I'll paint the chairs. There's a lot of texture there, inviting me to play and study RED.
That will be a good day.



spacedlaw said...

A study in Red.
I love the thought of looking at the rain from inside the water. I wonder if fish do it?

Frank said...

Sweet Lisa, woman of my dream.Write to me, if you remember me.
Frank Orlando