Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 214

As of yesterday, our adoptable kittens are all adopted.

Maggie went with a lovely lady named Karen to Desert Hot Springs.

Frodo and Beverly went together, to join a nice family of four in Banning. We'll miss them and hope to hear from them from time to time. Now we have Bilbo, Mystro and Shonni, who are as different from each other, it seems, as three kittens could be.

I kept things as simple as possible today. Sometimes we have to do this to keep focused, especially when things seem most complex.

It's become a good tool, to focus on the practical issues of the day.

Some call this 'soldiering on.'

I haven't really thought it through yet, but it seems to me that emoticons are one more indication of how simple things are, once we can stop long enough to sort them and throw out irrelevant details.

These poppets make me want M&M's.

Life has certainly seemed complex these last months. Breakups seem extremely complicated things until they get sorted out. And that takes time. This is likely true of all sorts of changes, but the interactions of human beings can get really, really tangled. It's a consequence of brain size, for one thing. After all, it's the size of our brains that allow us to be 'bigger inside than out' for one thing, and gives us our myriad perspectives. Perspective apparently operates outside of the space-time continuum. Hmm, that explains a lot. It also makes communication between humans very difficult.

It seems that even though we can hone emotions down to simple representations of complex facial expressions, we can't count on two human beings to be in agreement about any particular thing.

What do you think?


spacedlaw said...

Fo all we know, emoticons might have the same problems between them...

We are probably doomed by the fact that we are unique creatures, each of us. We may think that another understands aus and agrees with us because they have done it once (it can happen) but just becaus eit happened once does not mean that it must happen again.

Drinne said...

In our home we've found a kind of deep zen like complexity in the term "meh".

It includes the humor of using it knowing that the rest of the world also uses it in meme form.

Meh encompasses entire worlds when we care enough to comment and have thought about the whaterver-makes-us-say-meh but refuse to invest ourselves fully in it.

When we truly don!t care we say other things or make jokes but meh has it's own simple space.

lisa said...

spacedlaw- good point. And language definitely has its limits.

drinne - Orion has discovered 'meh'
it seems, so far, to serve him well.

I'm at the point where i have to accept that communication with some people is just impossible. i'm dealing with a very difficult ex and just starting to blog it at Life with the Inappropriate Avenger. Still feeling it out. At this point, it's sort of an experiment.

Mélanie said...

I think part of the problem also comes from the fact that what we perceive of people can be very different from what they really are. I got to a point recently when I started to think that every time two people get close, there will be a time when one of them disappoints the other. I'm still hoping to be proven wrong. That's what I find incredibly complex to sort out: what you can or cannot show to other people, and whether you have to pretend all the time. Wish I had a more positive comment to offer...