Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 55

Reading. Different books in different rooms, me following the light. Some time spent outside with plants. I was quiet. They were quiet. We got along. I'm in the mood to make something gnarly. A couple of commissions in line first. But, fun to think about gnarly things along the way.

Cocooning in a sense, storing up energy for tomorrow. Not a single interesting thing to report because today the brain is feeding.
A brain's gotta eat. If you want to test that, go ahead. I promise you, it'll let you know. And probably not in a pleasant way. Humans need down time. Need as in necessity.

Hope you find some for yourself and soon.

1 comment:

spacedlaw said...

Brains need chocolate (and sugar, apparently they are using a lot).
Today of all day, I received my little love bug in the mail. I am not sure about letting it stay in my office, where I could do with some love, or take it home to meet its friends.