Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 49

New Rule for Palm Springs: If women must wear shirts in public, then so should men. Your boobs are as big as ours, and not nearly as attractive. gah.

Yes. Unexpected shirtless humans today. Too many humans here today, though I can't say I blame them for visiting. I feel somewhat guilty that the weather is so warm here, when so much of everywhere is freezing. But then, I didn't make the weather---then again, I sort of did, along with a lot of help from other humans. I also suspect that given this now, in a few months when it's temperate everywhere else, we shall be burning in our own desert version of hell.

It was a long day today. Not a bad one, but one of moving fast from one thing to another without stopping much at all. Will tell you about it tomorrow.

It was very warm, which likely seems strange to most of you, and I need sleep now, so I can get up and go again tomorrow.

wishing you well,


DavidK said...

Hopefully he wasn't in a very tight speedo-style bathing suit... it doesn't bear contemplating...

Right now I'm envious of your weather, but won't be in a few months. Our high yesterday in Saint Paul was at 6F when we woke up, and this morning's reading was minus 14F. We've found out the hard way that our digital thermometer's outdoor sensor stops working at minus 22.4F. On the plus side, it's a gorgeous clear blue day out - just cold enough to freeze your nostril hairs solid.

Drinne said...

Well it was 28 with a 30 mile per hour winds and some guy on campus yesterday was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt, he'd probably just be naked in Palm Springs.

I'm sure he had some reason, even if the reason was just shock value - but it was so unnecessary.