Saturday, November 27, 2010

wings, winter, do you smell carrots?

How to recycle plastic containers into wings. Sturdy clear plastic container.
A handful of raw almonds provides good energy.

Basic shapes cut out with scissors. You can use a paper template, but I like drawing them directly onto the plastic with a sharpie.

I sand the flat surfaces with 150 grit sandpaper, the edges with 400 and then 600 grit. I protect my tables with leftover mat board. Careful of colors though--some can lift off and get sanded into your wings.

sanded wings--two small, two smaller.

You can smooth the edges further by VERY carefully and VERY briefly passing them through a flame. Sometimes I use a lighter, but I like candles better--they free my hands and they smell good. I accidentally discovered these 'special effects.' Curling, rounded tips and opacity with clear edges. I haven't explored this at all yet. At the outset, I can definitely say that anything that involves melting should be done with very good ventilation and great care.

Hemostats are great. In the lab. In the morgue. In the studio.

Aubrey makes us a working lunch. I know---all carbs and fat. But. It's winter and we're working. Salad for dinner.

Aubrey in full work mode.

Wings! Completed and looking quite lovely on "Starlight." Worth the care and attention to detail. Gossimer, translucent, strong and unbreakable. Not to mention, made from recycled plastic.

Winter, as it rolled in over the mountains. I woke knowing it was coming and, there it was.

The sparrows are here too. Spencer explains to Soosi that they're pretty to look at. She's not buying it.

So. What did one snowman say to the other? It's not so much the answer as why the question.

Oh yes. Sometimes I get lost.
Have a great Saturday. I'm off for leftover green bean casserole. Then to make art.


Kelly said...

My son (4) told me a 'what did one snowman say to the other' joke, that ended with 'brrr, it's cold'. I don't know where he got it!

Love seeing the behind the scenes of your artwork. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for recycling, too!

lisa said...

This one is an oldie, and also from LOST. Goes sort of like---

"What did one snowman say to the other?"

"Do you smell carrots?"

Diandra said...

If only I were better at crafting... ANYTHING...

Just wanted to let you know that the poppet arrived safely and have conquered my bookshelf. I wonder what he's gonna read next?

Anonymous said...

Love learning about your process (my oldest also thought those wings were "awesome.") Is that poppet going to be for sale?

Holly said...

I always smell carrots. I blame the rabbit that shares my room.