Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pixie Dust and August's Window

Those evil Pixies! Always with the stealing of the babies. I wasn't sure how I'd approach this one. I started it and then it sat around for a few months. I decided to try it from the baby's point of view. It became fun then, and I finished it pretty quickly.
"Dust" acryllic on stretched canvas, 12 x 12.

"August's Window"

I started this back in August, and couldn't get back to it for awhile. It did travel to MadCon with me and back and finally, I photographed it in more detail, likely more photos than you want to see.

More pictures of August's Window HERE.
Now it's time to goof around with my kid.


Kelly said...

Goof with your kiddo, it does wonders for the soul.

DavidK said...

Ah, curiosity cabinets - they've always fascinated me. A large part of it is the items included of course, but equally fascinating is the motivations behind the inclusion of specific pieces. These days they also very closely resemble every flat surface in my daughter's room...