Friday, March 05, 2010


It's been an intense week in the studio. Come to think of it, it's been an intense week all around. Nothing big, just mountains of small things. Feels a bit like balancing on a ball, solving a Rubik's Cube and avoiding an irate bear all at the same time.
Or something like that.

Art was accomplished. Got another of the Poppet Pictures finished

and a Poppet to celebrate Equinox.

Possibly you're feeling like spring will never arrive. I understand---it's how I feel at the end of summer hell here in the desert. Spring is coming, the way cooler air whispers through just when I think it's abandoned us once and for all at the end of summer.

This is our spring. It won't last long, so we must make the most of it. The gazebo is slowly looking more like the greenhouse it's becoming. The tomato seeds we started with are hardy plants now, some with flowers, all who will need protection from the wilting sun soon enough.

The tortie continues her watch. I think of her as MUT (My Untouchable Tortie.) I had some of Ben's wonderful homemade pate'. I shared--- a little--- from about a foot away.
She talked. A little. Too much onion?

No sudden moves.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I dare not make a list. My list will find me out of doors, looking for birds and rabbits, not so unlike the furry little sister whose company I seek and yet, likely alien in her eyes.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

I love accomplishments. Never happens for me though.

Your Poppet Picture is amazing. Love it to bits.

Melissa P said...

Ah...the windmills. That picture is so evocative.

And I love the Spring Equinox poppet with dragonflies. I'll be keeping that one in mind, for sure.

I'm glad you had a productive, though hectic, week. Maybe today you can recharge.

lisa said...

Jody: Never? That doesn't sound right. What do you think is the matter?

ravyn said...

i'm really loving those Poppet pictures, they are sweet!

Did you get my email from last week?

lisa said...

Melissa P: Better watch out, you might come to love windmills as I do.(It's my secret campaign.)

Ravyn: I'm going to look for it. We need to talk soon! Trying to get us to Balticon---maybe we need a "Balticon or Bust" sale!

ravyn said...

Lisa: Balticon or Bust, we likes it, Precioussssss! Call me?

Melissa P said...

I'm convinced you're the only one who would be able to win me over to windmills. I'm trying to keep an open mind. Poppets help.

Drinne said...

I love the poppet pictures - I have a couple of those paper mache books like I used to transport the poppets for the House Where Halloween Things Live - with the intent of making little Poppet fairy tale scenes inside.

The WV is "scult" which might be a laid back cult based around skateboarding but I can find no one willing to confirm or deny.

lisa said...

Drine: I'm glad you're starting to thing about creating and up cycling again.

Anonymous said...

Maruca said...