Thursday, November 12, 2009

silly human

Did I mention relapse? After my last post I took a turn for the worse, and then some. Why? Because I failed to follow my own advice. In the weeks before the convention, I worked myself into exhaustion, so that when I caught the cold bug from Orion, I had little resources to defend myself with.
Hence, the past three days spent in bed, moving only when absolutely necessary.

If you have questions or are waiting for Poppets that haven't arrived, please contact Aubrey at She has been a one-girl band this past week, doing an excellent job at it but still she is one.

I't's not safe to say I'm all better, but it's true that I feel better than yesterday and not worse. The irony is that I've come back from the convention inspired with new vision and eager to get to work.

Didn't I learn anything from the beloved late Jim Henson?

Yes. I did. I'm going to continue to move slowly until I'm strong again. Wanted to let you know I was thinking of you, but must live within the limits of being an ordinary human being.


Holly said...

rest. heal. regain your strength. poppets can wait and we can wait for them.

Drinne said...

Glad you're beginning to come out of it - take it easy, hopefully it's at least not gray and cold by you.

The little square houses came today (finally) so it's materials testing time for me!

Feel better

WV is subnif - when your bass is indifferent.

Loraine said...

I don't think the poppets mind a vacation...

I'm still tossing large spoonfuls of minced garlic into everything I cook, and thus far I haven't gotten sick even though my husband, kids and I all travel to our respective germ cesspools every day and return home to share meals and communicable germs. They haven't gotten sick either. So far, so good.