Monday, November 23, 2009

The Land of Shadows

You artist has returned. I have limited internet access and am deep into the studio until after Thanksgiving holidays. In the next few days Aubrey will continue with posts for the rest of the lecture. Thank you for your comments. I always enjoy our discussions.

I feel as though I've returned from a very long journey. There are stories, and I'll tell them, but it's too early. For now, I'll keep working. I've been traveling for sure, to interesting places. I found great darkness there, and beauty. The work will describe it. It's a language that works better then words, for things I can't describe.

But I thought of all of you there, and tried to remember what I'd bring back for you. There are treasures to be found in the strangest places! Poppets know. They were there with me, watching over.

In the meantime, The Winter Shop on Etsy is open, with fairies and cookie Poppets and other new goodies added every day.

When I return, you'll see some of the things I found on my travels, and Poppets will act out scenes from The Graveyard Book.

See you soon.



Loraine said...

I can't wait to get the graveyard book- it sounds enthralling. Especially when poppets get involved...

lisa said...

Loraine: Let me know what you think after reading.

Poppets will act out a scene from the book very, very soon.