Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tiny Masks, Big Monsters and Here Comes the Sun

Here is one of the Poppet costume masks. About 1/2 inch wide.

Last night we saw The Host. http://www.hostmovie.com/. Pete, our friend Art, and me.

We laughed, gasped, said "what the f...!", and said "oh man," a number of times, in no particular order, but generally all together.

If you like the preview, you'll likely not be disappointed with the movie.

I'm calling today the first real taste of the hellish heat to come. It's seriously time to finish up preparations to minimize the damage all around. Outside, inside, house, body, mind.

It's the season for swimming under the stars. It's the season for visualizing cool blue water and silent white forests. It's the season for making paper mache sculptures and drying them outside. It's the season for saying "I hate this desert" and "I love this desert." It is intense and extreme.

Good. It will be a challenge. I need a challenge. Maybe it'll wake me up. I've been in a weird fugue for months. Swimming in glue, wrapped up in gossamer, muted. I wander through the rooms in my head and all the furniture and mirrors and paintings are covered in sheets.

I've been here before. It's the end of a long season. We'll start another, and it will be crappy, but this seasonal change is the catalyst that transforms the raw elements of the fugue state into paintings and sculptures and stories.

Flip flops and hats. Always with the hats.


Anonymous said...

There's something quite spooky about those masks. I like them.

Change. I'm hoping a good dose of that soon will help wake me up...although I will hate it and try to fight it at first...

Carl V. Anderson said...

Those are much, much cooler than what I envisioned when you talked about making Poppet masks. Wow, Lisa. Those are so great.

chrisa511 said...

You're incredible Lisa...I love those masks! It sounds like the need for change is becoming a universal thing. I can relate as well. What's going on?

Derek Ash said...

Now you need to stage the masquerade/ballroom scene from Labyrinth. All in Poppets.

Carl V. Anderson said...

ooooo...nice idea RRNN! I like it!

Jennifer P. said...

Wandering over from the eBay sale - really rather nice masks!
. . . Very helpful for identity shifts and opening up very stubborn doors -- Through the Looking Glass and their tiny little locked gates for a game of lawn croquet with a flamingo?

Dan Guy said...

All flip flops and hats out here too. The kids just want to swing all day.

Our back yard is wide but there is nary a level 3x3 foot square on it. I got tired of an unlevel swingset so I detached it from the side of the playhouse and attached it off of our back deck instead. Much better.