Monday, April 09, 2007

Here we go again

For Easter, we swam.
Yesterday, we swam again.
I thought, after a season of sloth, it would be like starting over. It was like coming home.
We floated a four-foot-wide ball on the water and took turns diving under it, coming up as close as possible without touching.

We pretended the ball was a normal size and that we were tiny.
It's possible, with some effort on my part, to go there, to become very small. For Orion it's easy, natural.
Today is for making art. I'll try to take some photos for 'Nuts and Bolts'.
We're getting back into the groove. We need to. Lots of work to be done
At two or so, Orion and I will try being small again. Gives us even more of a Poppet perspective.


ivenotime said...

What a cutie! Great pic!

Dan Guy said...

Quite a handsome lad!