Monday, January 01, 2007

and...a monkey

Today is New Year's Day and Phillip's birthday. This morning I spent some time sifting through old photos, looking for an embarrassing baby picture. Then I figured, he's 24. I've likely embarrassed him enough.

So I chose this one, taken at my father's house in South Carolina. He's in the tree despite my explicit order not to climb, with that look on his face that became very familiar and the determination that will probably help him climb whatever else he decides to conquer.

Happy Birthday, Monkey!


ravyn said...

You are *such* a mom, embarrassing your widdle baby! LOL

Happy Birthday Phillip!

jestersdna said...

Pity the fool.

I'm not so "widdle" anymore :D

lisa said...

well. sheesh. you're right. Technology allows me to correct immediately.

Remember it's all relative. 24 is still widdle, to dinosaurs like me