Sunday, March 12, 2006

A very unexpected bit of winter in the desert

happ Last week the citrus trees all came into bloom. The scent is incredible, the blossoms beautiful. It's been the typical Palm Springs winter, which feels a lot like spring. But a few days ago we got lots and lots of wind. I was worried that the blossoms would blow away. Then it began to rain and the temperatures dropped unexpectedly. Now the mountains are white and we are possibly taking about a twenty minute drive tomorrow so Orion can play in some snow.
Okay, so we can play in the snow too.

I hope it doesn't get so cold that we lose our citrus, but still, this is really weird and well, sort of fun.

So far, Orion looks pretty non-plussed. We may be back to spring tomorrow. Who knows?

Of course I'm swamped and can't afford to take any more snow days. But for once, I may take a snow day without flying across the continent. I should, um, probably grab this one if it comes around.

I'll let you know.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Take it and enjoy it!!!

I too hope the weird weather doesn't adversely effect crops, plants, trees, etc.

Derek Ash said...

Normally, I would say that we'd send you a couple of our snow days, being as we live in Maine. But we've had a bizarrely snow-less winter this year, and maybe a weeks-span that I can remember that there was even visible snow on the ground for more than a day. We've not even been able to go sledding! And its mid-March!

So, yes, ENJOY your snow day. The planet may actually be freaking out a bit. So get 'em while they're cold.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

What exactly is he plotting? Is the human race about to subjugated to the will of Orion or what?