Monday, March 27, 2006

The Ravyn

Here is She, the Ravn, creating things behind the camera. She calls herself my gopher, but sometimes she runs me in circles. She is my webmaster, and sometimes more---I feel her subtle tug on my puppet's strings.
She loves horses (her own, in particular) and buttons that say things. She is multi-talented and has a wicked streak but mostly is very cool and today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Ravyn!


ivenotime said...

Happy Birthday Ravyn! Hope your day is wonderful - have fun pulling those puppet strings.....

Derek Ash said...

Happy Birthday Ravyn!!!

A Haiku:

Celebrate Ravyn.
Slaughterhouse would be empty,
Had you not been born.

vandaluna said...

Happy Birthay Ravynovitz!

K said...

Hope you had a lovely time. And many happy returns of the day.

(Sorry for lateness - I was out of town yesterday.)

ravyn said...

Great haiku, RRNN!

THANK YOU, everyone!!!


Carl V. Anderson said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ravyn! Sorry I missed it on the actual day...stinking work is cutting into my blog time! ;) You do such a terrific job with the websites and I just wanted to say 'thanks'. Hope your day was marvelous and that the celebration continues!