Sunday, March 16, 2014


The best words of wisdom I have for you today is that the only way to make something happen is to schedule time for it and show up.
  I'm not so late learning this one but pretty damned far along to be putting it into practice, so you're likely way ahead of me here.

Knowing the path is not walking the path.   I'm walking it today.  Good enough.   Now I have to practice, practice, practice scheduling time and showing up.  Not poppet time.  Not shop time.  Time for making the things I want to make.


Unknown said...

I keep telling you. Lists and schedules will keep you busy!

Unknown said...

I know how it works. It's easy to forget. I actually call Jessie when I do forget. :)

lisa said...

It's not so much about forgetting as about changing a mindset. After the recession hit us, then the changes in the publishing industry, and my own marital separation, it was basically survival for a number of years. The short term took over until there was nothing else, because there could be nothing else.
Now it's become habit, ingrained. So that I have to retrain myself to think past getting through the week.

ravyn said...

Sooooo true! Scheduling is something i've never been very good at, but i keep trying. And right now, i have good reasons to do it. At the same time, at least i'm getting some stuff done. i just need to build on it.

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