Friday, September 20, 2013

Leaves and a Queen

  I wanted ferns for a box sculpture.  I looked around and found these silk holly leaves.  The fabric shading  looked like it might work.  I took out the plastic spine (it just peeled right off) and used a very sharp Xacto blade.  Here are photos of that and where I used them.  The box will be traveling to the World Fantasy Convention in October.  I won't, but plan to be there next year.

finished leaves

VERY sharp blade only

Sculpture boxes are bigger inside than out.
The box is titled "Books are Magic"

This box measures about 9 inches tall.  I'm a little concerned about shipping, but I installed layers of thin, dense foam around the inside panels and usually have good luck shipping glass. 
And I made a Red Queen for Autumn



Melissa P said...

I love them all, but the "Books are Magic" is my favorite. All the right details to make it resonate.

Have a peaceful weekend!

lisa said...

Both photos are of the same box. I should've pointed that out. Even at art shows and in person, sometimes that's not evident at first glance. Likely I should try a video! Thanks, Melissa, and hope you have a great weekend too.

Diandra said...

Can I come and live in the "books are magic" box? We need to move anyway, so...

DavidK said...

Those are both gorgeous! Love the box! I wonder how many people are only going to look through one side, and not get to see the change?