Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Art is messy

The glamour of being an artist.


  I've always been a fan of broken color.  Rarely is a background of mine a solid color.  When I wanted to make stars, I asked an expert - Joe Bergeron, who is a talented astronomer, artist and writer.  What seems like a simple technique is actually like chess in that it's "moments to master and years to perfect."

I think I've finally found my version of the technique for artful splatter.  I get less on my glasses and face, but it's still a messy business.

I own a lot of splatted t shirts.

But then, I find movement like this.

I forgot to move poppet to a safe distance.

The board game is available in the Etsy shop!
  It's the last week before a convention.  And all that goes with.  Hope your week is good.


yemamaya said...

i so like the splattered poppet! he is sweet.

Holly said...

splattered poppet looks like me whenever I do any crafty project!

Justin said...

Splattered poppet too much celestial and awesome. Nice sharing and great. Thanks a lot.

Clipping Path Center said...

very nice and exclusive.