Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Objective Leads to the Next


This from Seth Godin's blog:

Doing the big work (at the little table)

Most of the day is spent in little work. Clerical, bureaucratic, meetings, polishing, improving, reacting, responding.
The obligation is to carve out time for the big work.
The big work that scares you, that brings risk, that might very well fail.
And we're most likely to do that work when it's least expected, when the table is small, the resources are lacking and time is short.
No need to wait for permission or the lightning bolt of inspiration. The big work is available to you as soon as you decide to do it.


Seth's words really hit home for me.  In my universe, the Big Work is putting together a book. The book.  That's the project that scares me.   And he's right - the bits I get done seem to happen when I don't expect them.  At least it's coming along.

 The book is a long-term goal.  I have every reason to expect to meet it.  In the meantime I must control my sense of urgency about it.  The urgency seems to come both from my natural drive and from my natural anxiety.  (I believe drive and anxiety are related.)  And, yes, I'm a bit afraid of it.  But I'm coming around.

In the meantime, I'm working on some involved but less overwhelming projects.  The first is a working Ouija board to be released in August, just as we begin to anticipate Autumn.    The next is to complete a set of Tarot cards.    The idea is to use the momentum from each of these projects to fuel the next.  It will be interesting to see how that goes.

 In the spaces between, Poppets must happen, because they fuel everything else.
  The last few days were spent creating a Space Jockey Poppet.   It encompasses all my nerdy love for the Alien universe and my disappointed longing for Prometheus.  In the end ( as usual )poppet proves to speak better than I.

I won't kid you - this piece was hard work.  But it was really, really fun too. 

One objective leads to the next. 

In between, I'll make some space suited poppets to go along with our Space Jockey.  Here's my question - do I suit them according to Alien or Prometheus?  Or do I allow poppet to make that call for me?   Time will tell, but I'd like to hear what you think.  And any thoughts on Prometheus.

Hope your Sunday is good.  Oh! - and here's the 360 degree view:




ravyn said...

i haven't yet seen Prometheus, and i've tried to stay away from reviews containing a lot of spoilers, but i have read a few disappointing things about it. Still, want to see it.

Let Poppet decide the style of spacesuit, though, there is something enticing about the original Alien look.... :-)

mordicai said...

Are you kidding me with this? This is frickin' amazing.

crydwynn said...

Amazing and unsettling new poppet! It makes me feel how I felt seeing the Space Jockey when I first saw Alien so many years ago. :)

ADA Matthew Sicksock said...

I think this is one of the most amazing pieces you have done. The innocence that poppets represent has assumed a new level (at least to me, perhaps due to the fact that the knife that caused the wound was extra pointy.

I could say more. I will,at length, I am sure.