Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not today

Some days, you won't.

Dr. Seuss was good. Dr. Seuss was wise.

This is the day I won't. Again. I'm still reeling a little from new psychoex weirdness that resulted in a restraining order, then even more weirdness on serving the thing. I'm told that reeling is an appropriate response. It's been somewhat traumatic . And all that goes with.

Add to that a couple of wicked colds for Orion and me and a printer that suddenly died this morning and you've got a day when it

just isn't happening.

I wasted a couple of hours trying to force myself to punch through it. Then I messaged the people who were waiting on things and asked them to wait a little longer. Better at least than spinning wheels the whole day. Now simple things and rest.

I've discovered my favorite cold med is Ferrara Pan RED HOTS. The classics stay with us for a reason.

Don't forget to speak up: Important.

At sunset, I did manage to catch the light playing with my toys. So I know I'm still in here, somewhere. Orion is coughing again. I'm off.

Take care.


ravyn said...

Call me when you have a chance. So i can tell you a story about Rolfing. No not ROFL, heh.

hang in there my dear

Melissa P said...

You did the wise thing. Rest and recover. Why is it that we can nurture others much more easily than ourselves? It's as if we labor under the assumption that in stopping to rest or to regroup, we become targets. We need to readjust that thinking. Constant movement does not give us protection any more than resting makes us vulnerable. I'm sending lots of good will and wishes your way. Don't give up or give in.

Jen said...

Red Hots can be a good solution --- if nothing else, the burning sensation of keeping one in your mouth can distract you from other things. :)

Sending positive thoughts your way.

lisa said...

ravyn: will do as soon as I can breathe through my nose a little. and..thank you

lisa said...

melissa P: thank you. these are hard lessons to learn. or rather, I believe it's more a matter of un-learning some bad habits. I'm going to blame my religious upbringing on this one. DAMNABLE BRIAR PATCH! hugs!

lisa said...

Jo: maybe that's it, the distraction of the hot spice. Similar to how it's hard to be down while eating a popsicle.
I'm fairly certain though, that Red Hots are addictive.
This could be a problem.

Melissa P said...

Our religious upbringings did give us a lot of baggage. No doubt about that. I just wish it weren't so difficult to jettison. Or at least that the bad parts weren't so tied up in some of the good things we learned along the way. Of course, that might be more of those ingrained lessons talking. It is possible that the good stuff wasn't necessarily connected to our upbringings at all. Our awe and wonder at the weird and wonderful most certainly sprang from another source.

Get well and be well.