Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 269

Here's where I left off with "Red."

Skin is made of a lot of different colors. I make a palette of antique white, canyon orange, king's gold, white, red and even a bit of navy. I use a soft brush and stipple until I'm happy with the results, both color and texture.

Blocked in the mouth and tattoo.

Softening and cleaning up between lines where colors meet.

Gaining on it here. Still a bit of detailing and clean up, but she's starting to gain some life.

The first wash of Alazaran Crimson over the red. It's still transparent enough to let the texture and color show through, but adds a great deal of richness to the red.

Have to use some restraint here. Too many layers will make the color opaque and the depth could be lost. Live and learn.

Lots of clouds and changing lights today. Loved it, but not so good for photographing. Will get her finished portrait up tomorrow. But I'll miss the clouds, for sure.

Kitties in late afternoon sunlight.

It seeks Bilbo out and changes him into a storybook kitty.

At least, I see it that way. Then, my vision is affected by love for both cat and sunlight.

Hope your night is good and you wake up ready to go again, dear human.


Diandra said...

Haha, I know the look on that kitty's face, ours look just like that sometimes... "What do you want from me? I am just a cat, you know."

Carl V. Anderson said...

So wonderful to see those steps of the process. My own Red is a source of constant joy, I was just gazing admiringly at her earlier in the week, thinking back to those days of waiting and longing for her arrival. Amazing to see her come to life this way, slowly gaining personality.