Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 154

I started the day with a murder. I could call it something else. After all, it isn't a person I killed, but a black widow. But it wasn't the sort of situation where I was surprised and stepped on her. It was neat and methodical and even required preparation. I spotted her on a chair outside as I was having coffee. She was magnificent. I'll use her in art. But that's not why I killed her. I killed her because she was in the territory I've claimed for myself, Orion and Soosi (and now kittens, who wouldn't likely survive a bite.)

I've sworn fealty to the mammals. Therefore, the widow must die.

I watched her struggle. I used the smallest kill jar possible to make it faster. I covered her before introducing the acetone so she wouldn't panic. But she struggled a bit. As I said, she was magnificent. I didn't allow myself empathy. The decision was gained in advance, policy set long ago. Like locking the bathroom door, like not cheating. These things we do, we decide in advance and we always do them, without fail. It eliminates the hemming and the hawing. It eliminates mistakes. It leaves room for more important thoughts.

So the spider is dead and I am guilt-free.

It was 106 today. Something like that yesterday. Well, hello reality. This is the true desert, showing up a little late, sneering, sending the last of the snowbirds packing. Ah then. Here we are. How fickle, humans. We get used to things so quickly. I knew the cooler days were simply lingering, but I started to take them for granted too. The boss is back, the the wind is hot, the ground is baking and we've got our edges back.

Good. Because I have work to do and, kittens aside, I can't afford to get too soft.

Tomorrow is for Poppets. Saturday, for painting and writing. Sunday, for me.

Hope your weekend has good edges and soft breaks.



Diandra said...

The spiders and I have an agreement - as long as they stay outside, they will live. Any spider entering our house (and no, we don't have any of the deadly kind around, I'm just arachnophobic) will die.

spacedlaw said...

I tend to feel sorry for the spider, though. Even if protection of kitties is important. Maybe I should stop writing stories from the point of view of spiders.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I have long had the fear that I am going to discover a black widow in my house. While seeing one would be no indication of an infestation, I think I would probably panic and feel the urge to do some massive and expensive extermination. I am so glad you found it and not any of the children or pets that may be around your home.

Am loving the new bookmark. Currently using it in a collection of Murakami short stories.