Saturday, October 16, 2010

A short report from the front

Found my tape measure. Soosi may hang there until I try to pick it up, then she'll jump on my head. Isn't it just fitting that I'd pick a cat that appears to be insane and can fly?

This winter Poppet sculpture completed for Worlds of Wonder.

--with a Poppet for scale.

Now the daunting list of things still to be done and little time to regroup and recover. The near-panic that follows.

The blog is a strange animal. It forces us to share in 'real time,' without the benefit of time and perspective. So, I won't try to do more than account.

Today is for putting lessons into practice. Sounds simple enough, but knowing something and living that something are vastly different actions. I've managed to answer a lot of questions about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I know the work I want to do. I understand it finally,enough to create it.
Possibly, finally understanding what we want is more difficult than searching for it. And more frightening. Now we begin to see the cost, the choices, the risks, the potential for failure--all those things just ghosts without the objective we desire in sight.
Now defined, the road is cluttered with obstacles and odd turns, foxes and saboteurs ready to ambush. I continue stumbling toward the light, just like every other self-aware creature. Just like you. Proverbs come to mind, about narrowing paths.

So. Now what? What now? Today? Steps. Maybe even just a few, but chosen well. Today, I keep things simple. I choose the tasks that can reasonably be done today-- simple tasks--and I focus on those. One such is re-ordering a workspace thrown into chaos by two exhibits and production deadlines. I won't throw myself into it--it's not a volcano and I'm not a virgin. Instead I'll give it two hours of focused attention. I'll employ my mother's technique, "handle each item only once." So simple, so effective. I'll exercise my ability to focus only on the task at hand. Music will help. I know myself. In two hours I can find an invitation to make good art under the mess.

A simple thing, yes? But I know that this simple action will clear my mind and restore the physical space. I can't work well without respecting both the mental process of creating and the skills and tools required. Who can? You know the answer.

I'll let you know how that goes.


Anonymous said...

You reminded me less of a proverb then a poem: "Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference."

That does seem to sum things up nicely, doesn't it.

Happy cleaning. I hate doing it, but sometimes find an odd joy once I start. So may it be with you.

Kelly said...

you've said that more than once, about the blog being at a disadvantage due to the nature of the real time sharing....

....All I hope for with my blog is to look back one day and see growth, or have something in case I don't remember. I hope that one day it is beautiful.

The foxes and saboteurs on my path are very crafty, so much so that I doubt my knowledge that they are what they are, and think they might be a good guy.

Na said...

narrowing paths. my whole perspective has lately been focused on the narrowing of the path before me: what do i want to do with what's left of "the time that is given to me"? i haven't yet answered that bit for myself. it's admirable that you know yourself that well!

handle each thing only once. accomplish one small thing today. make space for things to come.

off to try...

Bevula said...

I read your blog and remember how silly much of the world is. I have images of your work on my desktop because they make me feel... introspective and happy and thoughtful. And cool, because I know how cool they are. Thanks for keeping at it, and sharing it all with us.