Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter is settling in here in the desert.
Word has apparently spread about our backyard feeders, so that during certain parts of the day, we are Bird Central. The hummingbirds don't seem to be bothered. They have their own tree and feeder and they zip around the other birds like planes 'buzzing the tower.' We've had several days of much-needed rain. Now the mountains are dressed in winter finery.
This is the view from our back door.

I took the camera in the car with me to get photos of the snow and got this shot of Orion when I dropped him off as school.

I see him every day. Why should I be surprised when I look at the picture and see how much he's grown? But I am. When I started this blog, he was quite the tot.

And a bit of new work: "Mini's Wagon" (collab. with Benton Warren)

and "In the Land of Shadows."

I'm working, but taking time to rest and enjoy winter.
In the car, I heard the soundtrack for "Moon." I was unfamiliar with the movie. Don't know how I missed it,!

Now I truly want to see the movie and will be ordering the soundtrack for myself. Yay!

Have you seen it? If so, tell me about it.

Now for hot chocolate and some reading or television.

New work on Ebay!


Anonymous said...

In the land of shadows is amazing! How big is the painting? Will it go on sale? And how hideous would the posatge to Australua be?

lisa said...

shonna: thank you. I really enjoyed every moment of creating it.
It's 12 x 16 and on canvas board, unframed. Shipping would be pretty, or at least rather attractive.

Dunabit said...

MOON was fabulous. A very quiet film, I think, about sacrifice, longing, and what it means to be human.


lisa said...

Thanks Lyn: I look forward to seeing it. Sorry I missed it on the big screen.


it looks beautiful though.... Happy Christmas

Loraine said...

Ah, I SO miss winter in the desert... snow on San Jacinto, the smell of the rain- soaked brittlebush. I still have some of those yellow flowers my now- 18- year- old brought me when she was two... I want to dig out that old album and see if they still have a lingering scent...

The Steampunk Marchioness said...

Land of Shadows and the sculpture of the same subject both make me catch my breath.

Just... lovely.

Loraine said...

BTW great shot of the PS mountains- B. Hope's (former) home looks so much better in shadow! I remember being occasionally blinded after he put that copper roof on!

Dan (the Monster-Man) said...

Hello Lisa,
Just spent the last hour stumbling around the your sites and looking at your art. Magnificent. Don't know how I managed to miss you until now. Thank you for your art and your philosophy and inspiration!