Thursday, July 09, 2009


We are always in motion.
Something like 67,000 miles per hour.
We forget.
Silly humans!
I was going to write here tonight, really. I have notes and everything. But we spent a long day in the studio and it was one hundred and eleven degrees today, and Orion and I are going to have a late swim before bed. I knew you'd agree that's the best idea.
I did actually take some photos. I'm having way too much fun with Mini Poppets. Spencer and I are chomping at the bit to get back to our video projects. We like Poppets that move. Obviously, given the latest work, I'm ready to make that happen. The funny thing is that I know (now) that the video projects will be better because of the delay.
Now we are having fun.
the difference a trip around the sun makes.
Orion has waited patiently and waves 'hello' to everyone.
Time for swimming.


Anonymous said...

I am happy for you, Lisa.

lisa said...

Kelly: it's just my turn, that's all. I had a year of terrible, and I'm still not free of it. But---now I feel like breathing. I know you understand what I mean, so your words are worth a great deal to me.
Thank you.

Benton Warren said...

Its been a long time coming. But thank the Gods that time does heal all wounds! Now get to crack-a-lackin! :) And who doesn't LOVE the new mini poppets? They're adorable! Just like you...

ravyn said...

i do love those little MiniPops! The group of dancers you made reminded me of the three Graces. These new ones you have photos of remind me of the folks who dance at Grateful Dead concerts.

There is something very wild and free about the MiniPops, like Poppet Faeries maybe, as if you might find little faerie rings with Minis dancing around them.

Hmm i think i need some :-)

lisa said...

I think I'm honing in on what the Mini's are. They seem to be 'poppets once removed' as Poppets seen in the stories and imaginations of Poppets.
I don't quite have it yet, but they will reveal themselves in time. Like Nature, Poppets tend to hide.

Drinne said...

Mini Poppets are starting to let themselves be known in the house and Poppetropolis - It sort of works like this - I do what the Poppets and I are going to do first and then see if the mini poppets want to be involved -

They seem to be something like the poppets to the poppets. or something else - I'm just letting them be what they want and not anthropomorphizing them.

It hard to quantify them - it's sort of like Poppets change the space they are in and then Mini Poppets change it again. Or some more.

Which I guess is double weird for me since I'm building a space FOR Poppets, scaled TO Poppets as they try to work with Silly Humans . . . so it's an interesting thing when the mini's go there.

They like to play with the webcomic set ups - there's a new one today:

Mini Poppets work perfectly there.

I like the idea of Poppets Once Removed.

The WV is histomist - the history according to Will O' the Wisps.

Stacey said...

The minis seem so joyous, and I do agree swimming seems like the best idea. I'm glad you are recovering your spirit.

(Hello Orion! *waves back*)

K said...

Twirly poppets! They really do have a good sense of motion.