Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stumbling forward. Is small the new big?

*This morning I put my apron back on. I'm taking that as a sign of repair. It's supposed to be 110 today. In protest, we've released this year's "anti summer Poppet." Later, we shall shake our fists at the sun, glimpsed between strips of shade, and we in the thankfully-still-cool water, holding drinks with little umbrellas, in plastic cups, of course. It seems the best way to face this whole summer thing.

**A friend suggested that the only way to appreciate the Poppet Mini is to hold it in one's fingers, so that it can be felt and turned and seen close up and that if I get these 'tiny pieces of art' into other's hands, they'd see them as I do. This friend has a long history of giving me good advice, so I've put our Steampunk Mini up at an introduction price, to get them out into the world where they can watch over their Poppet fellows and help humans think differently about size.

Is small the new big? Only Poppets know, and they're not telling.

*** We're trying to get our collectors moved over to the Etsy store for open editions. I really like the community of Etsy. I'm collaborating with other artists to create cool things for the winter holidays, like silver poppet jewelry and journals, and soft squeezy Poppets.

But for hard-core eBay shoppers, we put the Steampunk Mini's there too.

****Yikes. When putting the Steampunk Mini's in the eBay store, we discovered a typo in the listing of the Mini Red Poppet. A big one. It was listed for $30 and was meant to be $20. Sorry about that, it's now corrected so that the price matches the one's on Etsy. Good Grief and Sheesh.

*****We're moving our very cramped shipping department to a new space next week. We've had a few slow ships and some other minor mess-ups these last months. Now we can spread out, be more organized and kick ass like we used to. Thank you all ever so much for your patience while we were in transition. As collectors go, Poppet collectors are the cheese (to our macaroni.)

****** So today, simple things. Extra time underwater. Stumbling forward, at least.

have a great weekend.


DavidK said...

Picked up two of the steampunk minis, one for me and one for Alia.

I'm considering adding a small brass eyelet/loop on the back of one of the minis, just below the collar, so that it could be put on a necklace or a charm bracelet. I know Alia'd love a poppet necklace, and I looked into it once, but the regular ones are too big...

Thanks again for the wonderful art!

Syd said...

Here's hoping that the extra time underwater has helped/will help with the healing and resting and recharging of creative batteries!

I first typed that as "betteries"--which I actually kind of like. The batteries that help us get better/be better than we are right now? A nice concept, I think...

Yay for Steampunk Minis! I have also secured two, to keep the 3 Mini Reds company.

Hmmm...DavidK suggests Mini Poppets for necklaces. I would also vote for Mini Poppets for earrings. :)

Re: is small the new big, I think it has to be for Poppets--if they're already bigger on the inside than the outside, then it stands to reason that the smaller they are outside, the bigger they are on the inside. Which would mean an infinitely small Poppet would encompass the known universe, and probably all the unknown ones as well...

Your creativity is awe-inspiring. Thank you.

Drinne said...

The Mini Poppets went with me to New York and they were very interesting there, especially on maps.

They do have a very different tactile feel, and when they're in Poppetropolis they really skew the already warped scale. I'm still playing with them to learn what they would like and try to figure them out.

I also played with their sense of scale on the Poppet webcomic blog :

The idea of Mini Steampunk Poppest running around in a lab appeals to me.

I'm not sure about wearing a poppet though. I have put poppets in suit pockets instead of pocket squares so I suppose that counts : )

Maybe earrings that look like the dangle poppets would be fun.

WV is iness - as in Tyra Banks is really about the Iness of it all.

lisa said...

Thank you. You might be interested to know that I'm working with a jewelry artist who's creating Poppet charms in sterling and copper. They will be really, really nicely made.

The charms can be used for any creation you can think of. We hope to have some black ones in time for Halloween, several by the winter holidays.

Miss Bliss said...

Perhaps it is in the air...for today I too put on my apron...except that mine is more metaphorical than yours. I don't really need an apron to write but I do sometimes need to be repaired. So...water and shade and umbrella drinks...and all that we truly need right at our fingertips.

ravyn said...


That is all.