Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poppets are watching. Outside. Inside. Silly Humans

Sometimes I hear people complaining about Wii and other game systems and virtual reality programs. I hear them say that people should get outside and do the real thing.
True, lots of people don't spend enough time outside and possibly, they're missing something that we take for granted.

Outside. True also, that I read an awful lot of science fiction. But it's not a huge stretch to imagine a world where outside is no longer an option---possibly for generations, possibly forever. In such a place, virtual reality will be viewed quite differently. In such a time, the meaning of reality will have to be reconsidered.

Can we truly imagine an Earth where walking on the beach isn't possible?

Nowhere is this possibility more evident than here in the desert. At the beginning of every summer we get a stark reminder of how uninhabitable our world could become, and of how fragile our environment is. We hang shades everywhere to protect our children, animals, plants. Many materials, like all plastics, can't survive for long in this sun. I'm not finished exploring this concept in my work. How could I ever be? It's a large part of my daily life, and that of my family and friends here. I know it's possible to get a chill in punishing heat of the star that gives us life and destroys us too.

For now, Outside comes awfully close to capturing this feeling for me.

Outside is available as an open edition on both Ebay and Etsy.


Nothing is more healthy than asking questions and speaking out
against the things we disagree with.

We've created our WTF Poppet to remind us. Poppet carries its own
version of the maledicta balloon.

Poppets are always watching and sometimes, WTF is the only applicable and appropriate response. I'm keeping mine near the television, for when I watch the news, because, honestly. WTF?

You can find WTF Poppet on Etsy.

"Spook" is back, and even better, with a new 'tail' and angle so that in the right light, it seems to glide.
Spook is also available on Etsy.

And finally, a word from Gurtie, escaping into the shelf she's claimed.
....what word escapes me at the moment.
Got any ideas?

All that said, I'm taking the rest of the day off, (with plenty of sunscreen) to enjoy and appreciate Outside.


spacedlaw said...

Oooh a WTF poppet! SHould I? My shelves have been taken over already... Gaia is a great beauty by the way.

nunca contentos said...

So beautiful. Great. I´ve no words. I really like your stuff.

(Dr. Brown & Yellow Poppet are here:

mordicai said...

Yikes, those Inside/Outside poppets make my brain creak. I should take the plunge & buy one.

Loraine said...

"Spook" gives me goosebumps. Good goosebumps.