Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rats! again and a look at Puppet, for you

I caught Nosferatu on A & E, just lucky timing, as it began. There are some truly beautiful scenes, like vintage postcards, in that film. Still influenced by readings on rats, I watched as I worked on this sculpture of a Poppet plague doctor, complete with compliment of, well, rats in the hem of his robe. When I sat it down I caught the eye of my puppet, beloved puppet, who at times truly creeps me out, even after all these years. I think I managed to catch that here for you. Maybe. Look closely. Give it a moment. Time now for sleep. Early day tomorrow, but as I shut things down and turn out the lights, I suspect puppet's afterimage will stick with me through my dreams.
I hope not, actually.



Drinne said...

You know I'm thinking of the entry way back when, where you mentioned that you were calling the little guys puppets and everyone else kept calling them poppets. Eventually they became poppets for you too.

Maybe they needed to be poppets so that the beloved puppet stayed true to itself, and the poppets stayed true to themselves, while they danced around each other like close relations at a coming of age ritual.

I see them both that way, connected and similar but different, like shared double helixes with slightly different arrangements.

Or maybe it's just my rambling brain.

Anonymous said...

Was it the 1922 Murnau version, or the 1979 Herzog version? I watched the latter dozens of times on cable TV when I was 14, as the movie channel only had a few dozen movies to show, and so repeated them a half-dozen times a week. I've watched the Murnau version three or four times, now that DVD has made it easy to have a great film library without needing to devote a fortune in money and space to it. Some excellent filmography there, especially in the use of shadows...

WV: dumpiti

Stacey said...

brrrr... the original Nosferatu is still one of the most moody movies I've ever seen... When I read Dracula this fall for the RIP challenge, it was the scenes from that movie I kept picturing. Good stuff.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Isn't Nosferatu great? I had the pleasure of seeing it several years ago during Halloween week on the big screen at a local arthouse theater. It was great. And oddly enough is one of the few 'Dracula' movies that makes a decent effort at following along with the actual story. Very creepy movie, but gorgeously so.