Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Virginia's Corset

I sent Spencer a basic brain. He modified it a bit and added an LED array.
Then he gave it back.
Just as with any sort of collaboration, I was surprised at what I got back, and intrigued by the challenge of making it mine.
I think the coolest thing about her is that she makes even me slightly uncomfortable.
The other coolest thing is that the cobalt glass sphere rolls, creating a strange tactile sort of interaction.
I cannot stop touching her.
The other coolest thing is that there's a soft button under her 'belly' that, when touched, sets off a series of lightning-like flashes inside that vary depending on the duration and cadence of the touching.
She seems alive to me.

At eight in the evening, Orion and I swam. It was 102 degrees F outside. We watched the bats come out.
Tomorrow is another day. Another brain.
Summer is here.


Rubius said...

wow. that is breathtakingly creepy. Astronomically creepy. Very cool collaboration!! Love the laces.

... and who is Virginia?

mordicai said...

Wait, isn't that what all brains look like? I feel like that is the yolk inside everyone's skull...

lisa said...

rubius: Thanks. Then we must be doing something right. The laces are annodized steel wire.

Virginia's identity is my secret.
Possibly you could convince me to whisper it to you in person one day.

lisa said...

mordicai: Who knows how brains see themselves?

hmmm....the secret lives of brains...

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is just too cool! There is something beautifully creepy about seeing that lit up.