Wednesday, December 20, 2006


a store...

We mangle boxes that would normally just be thrown out. It seems not a terrible idea to keep a pair of scissors near the trash can for that, and for threatening things that try to escape before trash day.

And occasionally, it's a fun thing to mix ginger ale with grape juice, share it with a kid, and go searching together throughout the house for pictures just right for gift tags.

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes and gifts. You are too cool. RRNN--Very nice (see his poem in comments on the previous entry.)

Soon all this holiday activity will be done. Then it will be time to show you something really scary.

Until then, farm wuzzies.


K said...

Scarier than a Furby in a Darth Vader mask?

(That image is still with me from last Christmas.)

Have a happy time, everybody.

jestersdna said...

Since that was my creation, you're welcome.
And it's not the image of the furby so much that matters, it's the sound. got to a toy store, grab the furby and the vader helmet marked "try me", and listen to the demon sounds.
Better than backwards records.

faerydusted1 said...

Eeee! What wonderful tags!
I make gift tags out of last year's Christmas cards that we've received.
Happy Muchly Belated Birthday. We're unpacking the office at home (just now my dead father-in-law is having a good giggle from the beyond as my husband is trying to hook up the million-year-old stero system that's been handed down from father to son- It is greatly amusing and full of wires. The cats are helping and poppets watch).

I ramble.
But- since blogger is free and uncensored here I wanted to hop on to say Happy Birthday and Holidays and so. So yes.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Happy belated birthday! Love the gift tags. Though I skipped doing so this year I have done that for the past 3 Christmases and it is wonderful to see how personalizing gifts makes people happy.