Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Poppets in Stop-Motion,

David Kirkpatrick and his lovely daughter Alia (who is nine) have made a Poppet movie, called Book Tour. It can be found here: (yes, there may be a bit of ratty Gaiman in there)

and is now up at: YouTube - Alia's Poppet Movie

They did a lovely job.

The Winter Sale is still going on until Saturday. Mostly there are Poppets, but some other nice things too. Lisa's Winter Art Sale

And Ravyn, I've learned, has been doing a bit of painting as well, on tiny, delicate little models of horses. You can see what she's up to here:The Anti-journal


Dan Guy said...

That was AMAZING. Kudos to David and Alia.

K said...

How wonderful! Literature is dangerous stuff - get too close and you might just be sucked in...

Man, I need some poppets.