Monday, December 11, 2006

Climbing Hills

I suited this Little Red Poppet up in a safety orange parka. Soon, it will accompany our friend Lawrence to Equador for a mountain expedition.

We wish them both wonderful adventure and a safe return. And we hope for photos!

I'm working extremely hard, getting everyone's orders out in plenty of time for the holidays.
I've come to realize that learning to be an artist does nothing to prepare one for the rigors of running a mail order business.

wow. sheesh. This is very involved stuff. Possibly there's somewhere to learn how to do this other than personal experience. I believe (no time to search at the moment) that Lillian Vernon wrote a book about it. If memory serves, it's more of a memoir than a how-to book. But if anyone would know the in's and outs of it, she would.

There's something to be said about learning your own way from experience. I'd have to say that each time I do this thing---have a sale---I learn more about it. And, of course, learn that there's more yet to learn.

So far though, it's the sort of Santa Claus aspect I like best. Probably it seems silly, but I like reading the names and addresses from all over and wondering about the people who will get the packages. I like putting a note in each one. I like sending the good wishes.

Still, I know when it's all done and the last box leaves, I'll be glad to clean things up and have a good massage. And some chocolate. And several hours of tivo'd entertainment with my feet up.

But. I'm not there yet, so...back to work.



Neon said...

We really appreciate all of your hard work Lisa!! The poppets i ordered are for my boyfriend who has spent many jealous weeks looking at mine and decided he simply must have poppets to call his own!! I cant wait to see the look on his face!

Anonymous said...

I received my poppet today. I'd ordered it as a present for myself and it really was like unwrapping a gift. And it's just a wonderful little thing, sitting on my desk, cheering me on. Thank you for making an order an event!

jordan's mom said...

Hmmmmm. Maybe just a little chocolate, now and then, to help you through the final shippings?

Carl V. Anderson said...

That really is the least fun aspect of selling anything...the post office part. I enjoy packaging things up but hate going to the post office. Having a good attitude about it and trying to have fun no doubt helps...I'll try to remember that this week when I'm standing in PO lines! ;)

Unknown said...

I received mine today too (RH in Colorado). You did a great job with the packaging, and I'd rate your customer service A+. You're doing a great job.

I know what you mean about, "reading the names and addresses from all over and wondering about the people who will get the packages." My husband owns a used bookstore and ships around the world. It's always fun to see what the good folks in Nepal are reading these days.

Anyway, I love my little poppet, who is sitting here staring up at me, and says 'hello.' (It also has a liking for the Amelie Soundtrack, but you'd probably think me nuts if I typed that.)


Anonymous said...

I had to order three poppets because I know they'll want to wonder around the house together.
My little boy fell in love with the ghost poppet in the poppet book tour movie, so I see this becoming a family addiction.
Thank you for making such magical art :-)