Saturday, June 03, 2006

Strange Birds, More Strange, and Mimi Ko

Where to begin?

We'll start with Strange Birds. The chapbook made its debut at Balticon to much praise and admiration. It's beautifully done from DreamHaven Press, with vivid color covers, interior black and white images and two thought-provoking (okay--disturbing) new stories by the astoundingly talented Gene Wolfe.

Nick Gever Review for Locus (and photos)

Copies of Strange Birds can be ordered at DreamHaven Books, Strange Birds. If you plan to follow this "Strange" series, you'll definitely want to get a copy of this one sooner than later---there's only ever one first printing. (At only $10 each, you might get one for yourself, and one for someone who will love you for it later.)

I couldn't be more happy about this volume, and am looking forward to Neil Gaiman's Strange Machines in the future.

AND, even more Strange:

Peter S. Beagle, author of the classic The Last Unicorn and one of my all time favorite books in the world, A Fine and Private Place, will write one of the Strange series chapbooks.

He has a list of titles in hand, and I eagerly await his choice. I'll keep you updated as I get news from Peter, whom I truly enjoyed getting to know at Balticon. Until last week, I was unaware of the legal struggles Peter faces regarding The Last Unicorn. This is not RIGHT provides details and opportunities for fans of Peter's work to lend support.

I also had the great fortune to meet Mimi Ko. She is a lovely person and a very talented photographer. You can see her elegant and subtly haunting images at .

I'm not sure exactly what it might be, but I'd definitely welcome an opportunity to work with Mimi at some point and was so taken with her and her work that I plan to visit her in NY this summer.

I slowly recover, with the help of lots of water, tea and rest. I'm told other GOH's are recuperating similarly. I await the return of many large boxes of art and will be busy for another week or so thanking people who made the art show and convention such a success. Yes, yes,the rumor is true...I dressed as a giant rat and danced almost without shame on stage. Yes, I know, I'm a silly wabbit.
Footage is forthcoming, I'm told.

Now to settle down with my clan and watch Howl's Moving Castle.

g'night EAT AT JOE'S


Jason Erik Lundberg said...

There were copies of Strange Birds at the Dreamhaven table at WisCon, and they looked amazing. Unfortunately, I had run out of expendable income by the time I saw them, so I didn't pick one up, but I'll probably order one from Dreamhaven later.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

There are a couple of fuzzy shots of said rat dancer & a certain someone practically pounding the pulpit here . I think I need to read the manual on my camera. I must have some crazy shutter speed setting or very shaky hands to take so many blurry shots.

Derek Ash said...

The pictures of the Rat Dancer being blurry just adds to their allure. Kind of like those Bigfoot sighting photos. These are that which legends are built upon.

The rest of the pictures are all great too, looks like everybody had a lot of fun and I wish I coulda been there.

Hope everyone's happily home.

ravyn said...

Jason: SMACK!!!!! Just kidding. We missed you at Balticon :-) (oh and i've heard from many folks that there was probably some "con crud" going around Balticon too...)

Robert: Argh! i hate seeing photos of myself.... but i *really* like that one you have of Steven Archer (Ego Likeness).

RRNN: So sorry you weren't able to be there. There is something in the works, that i can't talk about yet, for those who couldn't see it in person.....

Also, if you haven't checked out Lorraine a' Malena's blog, they have posted about the con, including a link to their photo page.

Vanda posted two photos on her blog.

And one of our own photographers has begun to put up photos from Balticon, starting with Thursday and Friday. Lots of setup photos so they might be boring to you guys, heh. But more will be added soon.

Carl V. Anderson said...

It all looks and sounds like an amazing time.

You're right about Mimi Ko's is very good, there's a story in every image.

Thanks for the pics Robert, they're great.

Kitty Cat said...

oooh LISA LISA and the cult jam,
it was such a delight to meet you.
wanted to take a minute & tell you, i will be sending a CD of images to you, but do need a mailing address, lady. These are suitable for your first album cover, i must & Neil look like a duet, something like the Raveonettes or say Feiry Furnaces...
lovely to meet you & sorry so delayed in posting, have been travelling more than corresponding.
xoxo Kitty Cat
ps "fear of frosting" made it home completely unscathed. thank you thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

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