Thursday, December 30, 2004

Phillip K. Dick

If you had to answer the following, how would you answer?:

Phillip K. Dick: 1.insane 2. enlightened 3.neither 4.both

For me, it's been different answers at different times in my life. Now I'm reading again. Old works and essays that are new, at least to me. While I'm learning how to post on this thing, I'm thinking about this. I've almost decided that it really doesn't matter. Just that his writings do, and are probably best read from each premise, as watching a classic film clip with four different soundtracks. These multiple views matter. He knew that, and said so.


Anonymous said...

I got on a classics kick a few years ago. Read Catcher in the Rye waiting for some amazing thing to happen.... like Holden would spontaneously combust. That's not the book to read after 30, I guess. All I could think was that he was an ungrateful little prick.

Dick though (nice segue, don't you think?) I'm pretty sure that I like. (Stop laughing.) I've only read a few of his tales: Do Andriods, Man in the High Castle, and something else that escapes me at the moment. I thinkit all depends on where you are in your life as to what you can value. If I'd read Catcher back when I was 16, I"m sure I'd have named my son Holden.

Long story shorter, I go with #4.


Tom M Franklin said...

Both. Definitely.