Thursday, April 01, 2010

Our stories

There's a new article by Ann Vandermeer with art that you've likely not seen at all. If you want to visit a little of my darker work.

I'm thinking that maybe I should treat this blog a little more like Face Book, in that I don't wait until I have everything wrapped up neat and tidy, so to speak. At least for now.

I truly miss writing here. Possibly you miss me a little too. Mostly my absence is purely lack of time. Poppets, Rats, Crows and Humans are working lots more hours than we used to. We've made many adjustments, mostly involving how we spend our time.

Possibly though, I don't write as often here because my inner perfectionist wants to save this space for helpful articles and real insights, with photos and links and such. To entertain, it says to enlighten, to encourage. In the wee hours of this morning I thought about why I started writing this blog. I looked back at my earliest posts. I called it a window. It is my story of how and why the art gets created. Why would anyone want to read this? These years later I've figured it out.

People, reduced to the fundamentals, are very much alike. You read my stories because my stories are your stories. We all move through the same basic curriculum. Basic human experience is universal.


People experience this curriculum vastly different ways, in vastly different arenas.
We, as individuals can't do everything, have every experience. There aren't enough hours in the day, or years in our lives. But we can deeply experience some things, and share what we learned with others. It takes all kinds.

So. I may succeed brilliantly in my new effort to put something here every day. I may fail spectacularly by blowing it tomorrow. We shall see.

Either way I thought this a good time to remind you (and me) that I'm writing here because together, we might figure a few things out.

And one thing we can always count on is that humans need to figure a few things out.

Thanks for being here.


Anonymous said...

Its always interesting to hear how a piece is created, but I liek reading the other posts as well. After all, everything one does in life impacts on the creative process. And I love the introductions to new pieces of your art - my shopping list as usual far exceeds my available cash! But I will be getting a forgiveness poppet, and the Elementals set.... *she says firmly to herself*

spacedlaw said...

The poppets help. They have a good attention span and an alert expression, like they always want to hear more.

lisa said...

shu shu: Thank you. I will continue my efforts to post more often and more about the studio work.

spacedlaw:I agree. I've sat before an audience of hundreds. Poppets can comfort. Poppets can also make one sweat.