Saturday, April 17, 2010

Left on Saturday

Today is for left-brain sorts of activities. Things that require precision and other left-sided attributes. Don't know why my little worry brain looks so, well, worried. I've done this at least a hundred times.

But, just in case, I called on the Doctors for backup. Hope your Saturday is good, however you use your wonderful, two-sided, amazing brain.


spacedlaw said...

I made mine sleep. It quite liked it, I think.

Stacey said...

I had some lovely wine, and visited with family.

"Worry" brain, huh? I like it. I also like the box o' poppets there in the background of the first photo.

Poppet visited little "Old Faithful" in Calistoga, California this last week. Poppet stood slightly inside the blast radius, and felt the strong spray of sulphured water as it erupted from deep within the ground.

After the first eruption, I had to wait for the next so I could take Poppet's picture in the spray. It will be in the P.O.T. group a little later because being sprayed by a geyser is an experience that should be shared.