Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's cold in the desert, oddly unfitting with the light.

And windy and wet. And when the clouds rolled in over

the mountains, everything went shades of gray.

And in the gray, it could be November.

It is a trick of the mind, and can be made as made real as real.

The Queen conferred with the King, who agreed that today would be better spent just at

winter's edge. So that is what we did.


Melissa P said...

Good advice from the King and Queen. It was a strange kind of day here too.

lisa said...

Melissa: Was the strange because of the weird weather?

Kelly said...

It seems we may have stolen your weather, as the news people are referring to the past few days as 'Texifornia' weather....its been that nice. But, soon it will rain and the air will be so heavy you can milk it, so you'll get your sunshine back. Don't worry :)

lisa said...

Kelly: Thank you, but actually, I'm not at all in a hurry to get the sun back. It will be here soon enough, with bells on. And the opportunity for shifting reality is appreciated. It opens creative windows, lets in fresh air.

M said...

Weird weather definitely contributed. It was the kind of day when the creative energy goes into slow motion. Where you begin to wonder if you have chosen the right project or if maybe you should let things be for a while. Give them a little more time before you drag them into the light.

Melissa P said...

Oops. Sorry for the confusion. M = Melissa P.