Friday, April 23, 2010

Girl Signals

I am a stick of Chapstick,
rolling around in the dryer,
leaving little marks
that won't be discovered until later,
after I am gone.

I could be a ruby lipstick,
tumbling against the whites,
branding each with bright streaks
defining my destruction in red
as I go.

But no.

I'm the Chapstick, hiding stories in plain sight.


New art and an observation.


tera said...

I like the art. I love the poem! :)

lisa said...

tera: Thank you. That makes me happy.

Amy said...

The poem rocks. I love the imagery it creates. And hey, I've felt that way.

The art is so cool, I especially love the added legwarmers.

lisa said...

Thanks Amy. That little brain told me what she wanted early on. I like when that happens.