Monday, April 19, 2010

Not today.

Today Orion and I swam. The water is still cold and I feel sluggish and pale, not at all the creature who glides and slices and spins through shafts of cold light.

This is today, at the end of the year that left me pale and tired.

This is today, at the beginning of the year that will lead me somewhere else.

Just like everyone's today, it's a start and a finish.

Yesterday was a truly hard day, physically and emotionally, the kind of day we talk about later, after time. I spent the first part of today trying to plow through, working extra hard to 'catch up.' Silly human. After a few hours I remembered to let myself recover.
Hopefully, next time I'll remember sooner.

Brandi Auset sent me a copy of her The Goddess Guide, and I ate two little tomatoes from the plants in the greenhouse. They were warm and fragrant and more like tomatoes than any I've had recently.

Tonight I'll play some games with Orion, and read and sleep. Because, there's no substitute for playing, and reading and sleep.

Hope your Monday was good.


Kelly said...

there's no substitute for playing, and reading and sleep

Very true.

Brandi Auset said...

Hope you are getting some use out of the book!