Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mostly night time and quiet

My untouchable tortie captured in the darkness, moments ago.
I am 'cat lonely.'

There was an ad for four Siamese kittens. It was sort of a heart-fluttering impulse. As I dialed I told myself in two voices that I was not ready, and that I could be ready. I phoned as early as courtesy allowed (8:30am) on the day the ad was activated. They were already gone.

All that was left was the flutter. Then I put on my apron and went to work.

I took a photo of this branch on the ground. I see it as a tree.

I played with it enough so that now it can model for me.
And tonight I'm too tired to write much. I'm tired from working, which is better than being tired from not working, or worrying, or being angry or any of the other things that tire us.
Working is good. It persists, through good days and bad ones.

I'm okay with that.

I keep forgetting to mention that the illustrations for Strange Light were created using some of the puzzles you sent me, whenever it was that I asked for puzzles and you so kindly sent them.
So, thank you again. I re-read the stories. Different reading them in the chapbook than in the emails Larry sent them. And the last story made me cry, again. I should definitely tell him so.



christy said...

After our Rottie died, my husband I and started going to the animal shelter every so often and walking through the adoptable dogs. Each time, we'd tell ourselves, "We're really not ready yet, we're just looking." Then we'd go look, make a donation, and leave....until the day our next Rottie was there waiting for us. I have a suspicion that your kitty will find you soon.

Holly said...

Are we ever really ready for the awesome love and fear of impending heartbreak that comes with bringing home a pet?

kitten season is coming . . .

lisa said...

christy: you are very likely right. That 'kitty' whether it be the tortie or some other, will come to me.

Holly:I'd say, 'no.'

and 'oh, no.'