Monday, April 05, 2010

Poppet's Windy Adventure

Here we go again, with the wind. And the sand. I like my Element quite a lot, but in wind, it makes me feel as light as Dorothy, and there were moments when I was a bit nervous.
Poppet rode as always, in a snug travel pouch.

I wanted to be Poppet then, and not me, at the wheel, responsible.

We took the Spencer to the spine center, for a follow up after surgery. The X-rays were totally cool. Spencer is becoming quite bionic. While waiting, Poppet met a new friend.

Then there was rain, and more wind. And a traffic accident in the hills that stranded us for over 2 hours. Not much at all to do. Nothing to eat and no bathrooms too.

A motorcyclist gave up trying to get his bike through. All the cars and trucks crammed onto the shoulders to let the ambulance and fire truck through. Humans began have conversations with other humans, curious and concerned for whomever was involved in whatever was holding us up.
So we waited and waited. People got out and walked their dogs and kids jumped around and threw whatever they could substitute for balls. Some climbed the hills to try to get a look at what was happening.

It felt a lot like the beginning of a scary story. Yes, I read way too many scary stories.

Kids climbed down the hills with something about two buses crashing into each other. No one believed them. Good try, nasty little guttersnipes. Work on that delivery.

Poppet got out for a stretch too.

Finally we started moving. Yay! People smiled and waved goodbye to others whose names they didn't know. They climbed back into their cars and as the cars picked up speed, the people returned to being strangers.
Then back to Palm Springs and more wind and lots of sand. The news said the wind got up to 64 mph, which is really a lot of wind.

And that was Poppet's day today.

I suspect that Poppet's tomorrow will be contentedly spent here on my desk.



Stacey said...

Dear Poppet: We had lots of wind here today too. Trees are falling down, not ours, other peoples'. We expect more of the same tonight. Last fall the tree doctor came to our house and gave all of our trees a physical, so our trees are healthy and ready for storms. Still, we are a little nervous, though cautiously optimistic.

Take care and be safe.

Melissa P said...

Such adventures. No earthquakes? Cafe Poppet has barely noticed the tremblors here while Reading Poppet thinks it's all part of the story. I suspect they know more than they are letting on about the true nature of quakes. Hope your day indoors is productive and peaceful.