Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday, with a little pretending.

I made this Poppet.
I call it Fairy Goodreader.

I always liked the idea of a creature that visits and reads to those who have no humans to visit and read to them.

Yes, it is pretend. Pretending matters.

Having said that,

Earlier I made "Commander Crow Runs an Airtight Ship."
Which is also pretend. And was both fun and difficult to make. Things must be done in a certain order. Tiny bits must be manipulated. I have a new appreciation for people who make such things. The bubbles in the window are from another project, where I tested
sponging before applying to the canvas. Sometimes the paper around my palette is a painting too. And, I'd like to go on adventures with Commander Crow.

Addendum: Please see RRNN's verse about Commander Crow in comments.

This evening I moved a box behind the storage building and discovered a rat.
He looked at me and I looked at him.
I wished, for a moment, that I was the sort of person who carries cheese in her pocket.
But I'm not. So after another moment or two of looking at each other, the rat scurried away.

I don't think I'll ever be the type of person who carries cheese in her pockets, but
if I'd had some, I would've been happy to share.

But I'm pretty sure he didn't know that. And I don't think rats pretend.

I hope he stays outside, and not in and I hope he stays clear of the Tortie, who continues to stay mostly clear of me.



David Niall Wilson said...

But...what if he's JUST the sort of rat who pretends, and he stood there looking at you - just for a moment - wishing you were the sort of person who carries cheese in her pockets...and dreaming about how he would trick you into sharing?

Melissa P said...

I love Fairy Goodreader! And pretending really, really does matter. Have a great weekend.

Really_Rather_Not_nice said...

Commander Crow, Explordinaire

Commander Crow will brook no fuss.
He’ll sanction those who curse or cuss.
His ship is free of mess and muss,
His boots are polished, tightly trussed…
So polished!

But laws and strictures although smart,
Are not the things that rule his heart.
He’s sought strange sights right from the start,
Adventures are his aim and art…
What passion!

His faithful crew await his word,
And do his will, sometimes absurd.
His ship, a mix of fish and bird,
Can fly the skies or swim submerged…

This world or that he’s often combed,
But calling none his one true home.
His place of birth or where he’s grown,
Are ciphers that are quite unknown…

But Dutch, or French, or from Detroit,
What’s not unknown are his exploits,
He’s skilled and cunning, most adroit,
And knows more words that rhyme with “oit”.

At treasure seeking, he’s the best!
He’s cracked his share of gold-filled chests.
While monsters, pirates, and other pests,
All keep their distance, lest they test…
His temper!

From here to there, he wildly flips,
In a boat-plane-car that zooms and zips.
On wild, fantastic, magic trips,
That gush the foamy froth he sips:

By wander-lust he’s called anon,
Through nights and days and dusks and dawns,
‘Crossed distant space, and fresh-mowed lawns,
Commander Crow will travel on…

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, that first stanza is supposed to read: His boots are tidy, tightly trussed.

lisa said...

David: perhaps a little sweet/scary story in there?

Melissa: we love her too! Thank you

RRNN: once again you inspire and astound with your quick wit of words!
Please keep this one handy, as we are ever inching toward Poppet Stories.

Anonymous said...

Pretending can be very important, because sometimes the only way to get through is to pretend until you can do something for real (eg. pretend to be brave, and end up being so). A Fairy Goodreader will hopefully end up making a trek to Australia - waiting impatiently for payday so I can buy more poppets! Its Easter Sunday here, so I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter.