Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poppet Goes Adventuring and Finds a Pipp

It happened that on a cloudy Saturday, Poppet went adventuring.
Eventually, Poppet noticed a something following behind. It was a smallish something, very quiet, and very, very persistent.
Wherever Poppet went, there it was, and gaining distance too. It followed and followed and followed.

The following thing was called 'Pipp.'
Poppet and Pipp liked the giraffes.

Poppet and Pipp will adventure together. Who knows where they might go?


K said...

Hello! Not been here for a while... I hope you are well, and not too hot yet.

Pipp is very appealing.

lisa said...

K! You were missed. It's getting hot enough to remind us it's coming. I find myself retreating into the greenhouse.
Pipp makes me happy, for sure.

Alia_K said...

Pipp is very cool! I like him a lot.

lisa said...

Alia_K! Film maker extraordinaire!
How nice to find you here!