Monday, June 05, 2006

Tiny Stories and Deep Water

I put the Tiny Stories project aside several months ago to meet deadlines for other projects. That's not a terrible thing because, even though the delay was longer than I'd expected, the time and experiences helped me visualize the project better. I'll be working on that again very soon, now that the spring conventions are finished.

I'll be attending and exhibiting at the 64 World Science Fiction ConventionL.A. Con IV in Aug/Sept and the World Fantasy Convention 2006 in November. I'm not sure how much programming I will do, if any, but will post it on the news page when I get schedules.

My wrist is still not 100%, but I'm recovering by degrees from the last month. I'm at least back in the water. Orion's diving skill continues to grow. Pete has begun teaching me to rescue. My goal is to be able to retrieve an unconscious person much larger than myself from deep water, while keeping his/her neck in alignment. (Chances are, a person unconscious in water has a head or neck injury.)
Acquiring this ability will take time and energy. Practice makes perfect, after all. And, as Gene Wolfe stated recently, "If you want to be a good writer, you must write."
It's a very specific skill, rarely called for, and rarely learned well. It will likely be challenging.
Which makes me want to learn it.

I could certainly have worse hobbies...

In exchange I will teach Pete to sew on buttons. He seems to think that's a fair trade.

Ok then.


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Never know what to expect upon entering this blog.

Life-guard training was nowhere in the running though, and I always find myself impressed with just how very cool you and your family are.

Anyway... I want more details about Tiny Stories!

Mimi said...

Yes, I know there are pools, but I still think it's cool that you're living in a desert learning to save people from drowning in water.