Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mixed Bag 4 of 6 Thanks General Mills

This time they blew it. At least for this household. I like Cheerios. I thought Orion might too---and good for him compared to most cereals. But he won't eat them.
Finally he explained why. It's the photo of the kid on the box, he told me. Though I try to explain that she's laughing, he insists she looks as though she has a stomach ache.
A really bad one.
Well, really, he could be right.

Bad, bad marketing department.


Roland said...

Orion continues to exhibit wisdom beyond his years with every observation.

ravyn said...

that photo is enough to put me off Cheerios too. That girl's arm looks like an alien coming out of her side...

Dan Guy said...

The girl has wings. Obviously the Cheerios killed her.

J. Luc Pitard said...

I used to have similar requirement regarding the purchase of toilet paper. If the character/baby didn't look happy, I wasn't buying it!
He's perceptive, I approve.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

That kid looks like she could use some toilet paper.

lisa said...

Possibly it's because the marketing dept at General Mills didn't look at the photo from a child's point of view, which is pretty short-sighted considering the ad is about promoting nutrition for children via Cheerios.

What were they thinking???

Sometimes I think marketing execs aren't really evil---they're aliens.

Good one, dan guy